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Grouping Objects in NewDraw or the Draw Layer

If you wish to work with several objects as if they were one object, you can group the objects together. This will allow you to change the colors all at once, rotate them around a common center, and move or resize them as if they were a single object without their positions changing relative to one another.

[screen shot of grouping]

To group several objects, follow these steps:

  1. Select each object you wish to be in the group by drawing a box around them with the pointer tool from the drawing tools bar. A set of handles will appear on each object.
  2. Choose Group from the Arrange menu or click the group objects button on the floating tool bar.
The objects are now grouped into a single object with a single set of handles.

To ungroup a set of objects:

  1. Select the group by clicking anywhere on it.
  2. Choose Ungroup in the Arrange menu or click the ungroup button on the tool bar.
NewDraw separates the graphic into its component objects.

For more details on grouping objects, refer to the chapter on NewDraw in your manual.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999