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Using NewDraw for CAD Work

When using NewDraw as a CAD or drafting program, there are often times when you'll need to draw a polyline object with precisely located vertices. For instance, if you're drawing plans for a model airplane or rocket, you'll need to be able to put the corners of the fins or wings in exact places to get the shape right (this is especially likely to occur with scale models, where you'll be duplicating a prototype at a specific size ratio).

Fortunately, there's an easy way to accomplish this using the Snap to Grid function. "Oh," you say, "I've tried Snap to Grid, but I need points off the page grid!"

Here's your answer:

In NewDraw, click Options, Grids, and select Snap to Grid and Guides -- but set the Grid size to zero. Now, the only thing you'll be snapping to are the horizontal and vertical guidelines you insert, precisely where you need them (to the nearest thousandth of an inch!). When there are only those few Guide Lines on the page, it's easy to get the points at the exact intersection you need (even if you have two or more close together, it's easy without the Grid interefering), and draw the object in a single pass around its perimeter with the polyline draw tool. Using this method, you can be confident you have a part drawn to the exact dimensions, and the right dimensions, first time every time.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999