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Palm Connect and NewDeal

Palm Connect is a desktop software distributed for a while by Palm Computing to provide compatible versions of the personal information management applications on the Zoomer (Casio Z-7000, AST GRiD 2390, or Tandy Z-PDA). It's possible to combine Palm Connect and NewDeal into one directory, but you have to do it by hand and it's not documented. Here are some clues to help you get started:

Palm Connect installs into a directory named \PALMCONN by default. Do NOT install Palm Connect "into" or "over" your NewDeal directory.

  1. Install NewDeal fresh in a new directory.
  2. Install Palm Connect that way, too, then merge them by moving or copying files from Palm Connect into NewDeal. Later you can move your document and add-on files over from your old NewDeal directory once everything is working right.
  3. Copy any file that exists in Palm Connect, but does not exist in NewDeal, into the NewDeal directory tree, except the files in \system\pref. If a file exists in both trees, examine the dates and sizes and make careful decisions about which files to overwrite. Give precedence to newer files and to keeping NewDeal files, in general.
  4. You'll have to merge the GEOS.INI files by opening both and copy/pasting items from the Palm Connect INI to the NewDeal INI. Use discrimination.
  5. Use NewManager over Palm's File Manager.
  6. Do not turn on ink in NewDeal, unless you're sure you want it.
  7. Make a back up of the NewDeal GEOS.INI, in case you need to revert to it.

The versions of the apps in Palm Connect are nicer to use on the desktop than the ones actually on the Zoomer, because they are in color. Another good thing about combining NewDeal and Palm Connect is that Addressbook will automatically use the import filters available in NewDeal, so you can export NewDex to Addressbook, for example (carriage returns will be lost along the way, but that gives you something to fiddle with on your Zoomer while on a bus or plane).

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999