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NewComm, ANSI, Color, Arrows, Termcap

The NewComm ANSI terminal mode is only meant for the ANSI cursor movements. ANSI color graphics commands are not supported.

Modifying the ANSI termcap, left and down arrows

To change the way NewComm emulates the left arrow and down arrow in ANSI mode, here are two lines to add to the ANSI.TC file in the \USERDATA\TERMCAP directory:
\E[B  7
\E[D  9
The `\E[B' line instructs NewComm to take action 7 when receiving the \Escape[B' sequence. With these lines in place, you can do "full-screen ANSI" text editing on your local BBS.

When you edit your .TC files to customize or "improve" them, NewComm expects to see ASCII TABs, not blank spaces on each line. For example, the line above really consists of

\ E [ B  ASCII-TAB  7
If your text editor "expands" tabs into spaces, NewComm will not interpret the .TC file correctly, and your NewComm window will consist of a continuous line of BBS text, instead of separate lines. Some editors that work are Microemacs for the PC and NewDeal's Text File Editor.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999