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NewComm SEND Command

You can use SEND to send commands to the modem.
For instance:
SEND  "ATV1 X4 &D0",CR
enables word results and the "smarter" modem commands, and lets you run a DOS program from NewDeal without the modem disconnecting.

These are the non-alpha commands you can use with SEND:

You can also use the "^" (caret) to send control characters like
The way this works is that the character following the caret is taken and masked with 01fh. So you can do things like:
^[ (caret-bracket)
to get ESCAPE.

In other words, to send control codes (below ASCII 32) in NewComm scripts, use SEND "^n", where "n" is the character corresponding to the control code plus 64. That's the SEND command, followed by the carat character, followed by the character whose ASCII value is 64 plus the value of the code you wish to send.


Ctrl+C (ASCII 3) : SEND "^C"      (C is ASC 67, 67-64 = 3)
Escape (ASCII 27): SEND "^["      ([ is ASC 91, 91-64 = 27)
You can send a BREAK with the Pause/Break key on AT-style keyboards and with a Shift-Scroll Lock on XT keyboards.

Unfortunately, ASCII 127 cannot be sent by either a script or via the keyboard. The keyboard driver does not generate ASCII 127 from any key.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999