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NewComm, Dial A Number From NewDex

You can use the Quick Copy (drag and drop) feature of our software to paste a phone number from NewDex into NewComm's Quick Dial window when calling a BBS or online service. Just position the NewDex and NewComm windows so you can select (highlight) the number in NewDex, then drag the number with the right mouse button, drop it into the Quick Dial window in NewComm, and click on dial. When the BBS or online service answers, your modem will send you a "CONNECT XXXX" message, where XXXX is the modem speed.

This image shows a Quick Copy from NewDex to NewComm's Quickdial dialog box.

[NewDex  NewComm screen]

Now you are ready to work the BBS or online service. Be sure to tell the BBS that you do not want ANSI graphics (called color graphics on some BBS's) since NewComm doesn't support ANSI color graphics commands.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999