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NewCalc, CL-14 Error Message

Question: Whenever I try to insert a column into my spreadsheet, I receive the message Error Code CL-14 Cannot shift data cells off the spreadsheet. What is wrong?

Answer: There is "something" in the cells at the far bottom or far right of the spreadsheet.

It might be that you've assigned a font, a style, or the justification in those cells, even though you haven't put any real data in them yet.

Click the Smart Select button or choose Select All in the Edit menu to see which cells are actually in use. Then select the huge range of cells that are not in use and press the DEL key to clear them.

For example, let's say the data in your spreadsheet occupies the range A1 to CD1000. Select the seemingly empty cells from A1001 to IV8192 and hit DEL. Also select the seemingly empty range CE1 to IV8192 and hit DEL. Then you will have no more trouble inserting rows or columns.

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Last Modified 1 Mar 1999