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NewCalc, Copying Formulas

Copying formulas from one cell to another in NewCalc is easy. Just copy the cell with the formula in it, then highlight the cells you want the formula copied to and click paste. Relative references in your formulas will adjust themselves automatically.

You can also use drag and drop. Just hold the Ctrl key while dragging the cell containing the formula and drop it in a new location.

If you wish to fill a selected section of a row with a formula, here is a slick method: Highlight the cells you want the formula in, type the formula in the first cell and press Tab. Then press Ctrl+Shft+r (or choose Fill Down from the Cell menu).

To copy a formula down selected cells in a column, select the cells, type the formula in the first cell, and press Enter. Then use Ctrl+Shift+d (or choose Fill Down in the Cell menu) to copy the formula into the selected cells.

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Last Modified 1 Mar 1999