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NewCalc, Zero Column Width

I was struggling with a problem in my business invoice template.
I had columns quantity (C), price (H), and amount (I).
I multiplied the quantity by the price and placed the result in the amount. =IF(C22*H22, C22*H22, "")
This leaves the cell blank if the result is zero.
Then I needed to add up the amount column, =SUM(I22:I41), for the subtotal cell.
Oops, that gives a #TYPE# error.
So I changed the amount column to =IF(C22*H22, C22*H22, 0).
This took care of the #TYPE# error, but put zeros in the cells where I want blanks.
Then I discovered what seems to be the ultimate solution.
Here is the cool part:
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Last Modified 28 Feb 1999