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NewCalc Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

To start editing the current cell, press Ctrl+Space. Once the edit bar is active, you can use the left and right Arrow keys and Home and End to move around within the edit bar.

To select the whole spreadsheet, press Ctrl+/ (forward slash). This is handy for setting the font, pointsize, or another cell attribute for the whole spreadsheet. If you commonly use a different font or pointsize, you can save the document as the default empty document or as a template for creating new documents.

Note: don't use this tip to set the background color or cell borders -- it will create data for every cell in the spreadsheet and you'll end up with a huge document.

To do a smart select: press Ctrl+Shift+/ (forward slash). This selects only the range of cells that have data in them.

Mouse Shortcuts

To do a smart select, click the button in the upper left between the row and column headers.

To do a best fit of the column width: Double-click the line to the right of the column header. This makes the column as wide as it needs to be to fit the contents of the cells in it.

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Last Modified 28 Feb 1999