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NewCalc Invoice Template Tips

QUESTION: I opened an Invoice template. How do you make it look like that--mostly open space with very few grid lines showing?

ANSWER: There are two basic things going on with the Invoice Template to make it look like that:

  1. First, cell grid lines were turned off using Options, Other Settings, Draw Grid Lines. The cells are still there, just not visible.
  2. The cells that are visible were rendered so by using Properties, Cell Borders. The first cell has borders on the left, right and top. The next cell down has borders on the left, right, bottom and top. The top border in the second cell also forms the bottom border of the first cell, and so on. You can see how this works by pinning the Cell Borders menu and clicking on each bordered cell.
All text was entered as cell text except the large word, Invoice, which was set as a graphics text overlay. Theoretically, this too could have been cell text. The horizontal line under the word "Invoice," and also the red vertical rule at the end of the template, are plain old fashioned graphics lines.

Finally, the instructional copy in the balloons are annotations, which have been rendered unselectable. You can choose Options, Annotations, Make Annotations Selectable/Editable to delete them. This always works with Annotations unless specific locks have been placed on them through Graphics, Extended Attributes. In that case, choose Extended Attributes and take off the locks.

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Last Modified 28 Feb 1999