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NewCalc Overtime Values


How do I get NewCalc to deduct a half hour lunch after calculating the difference between two cells with my start and end times, then figure my overtime hours over 8.5 (0.5 for lunch) at time-and-a-half in another column?


An IF formula uses the following syntax:

=IF(Condition,true result,false result)

The Condition is usually a logical comparison. The true result is a formula (or value) that will execute if the Condition is true. The false result will execute otherwise. The false result must be at least a 0 (zero) or "" (null string) depending how it will be used in subsequent calculations.

Here's one approach to the whole time sheet:

Now that you have a working row, it can be copied (select a4 to I4) and pasted into whatever row-range you select.

If you don't want to see the minutes-columns, change their cell width to 0 points after copying and pasting the formulas.

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Last Modified 28 Feb 1999