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NewCalc Headers and Column Titles

If you create a header in NewCalc, it will print the same information on each page of the document. The header feature is intended only to label the page, not to serve as column titles. Here are two tips for creating column titles on each page of your document.

Using Headers as Column Titles

When a header is set in NewCalc, the information may not align with the columns as you expect. Here is one way to bring everything into alignment.
  1. Type in your header information.
  2. Select all of your header information with the mouse and copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl+Insert.
  3. Open up NewDraw and paste into a new document with Shift+Insert.
  4. Select the text by clicking it with the mouse and resize the graphic handles until the text reflects the original format in NewCalc.
  5. Select the text once again and copy to the clipboard with Ctrl+Insert.
  6. Via the Express menu return to your NewCalc spreadsheet.
  7. Set the header area normally.
  8. Except this time highlight the header text and delete it.
  9. Now paste from the clipboard, Shift+Insert.
  10. Your original header is now a graphic image. Use the mouse or arrow keys to align it in the header area.
As an alternative to using NewDraw in step 3, you may cut or copy the header information and paste it directly into the draw layer of NewCalc by selecting the text tool before you paste, and then resize or manipulate it as you desire.

Now when your document is printed. The header information will be align with the columns as you expect. Keep in mind that if you resize the columns of your spreadsheet, you will need to adjust the header to match.

Using Multiple Column Titles

Here is another approach to achieve column titles on each page of your document.

Let's say your spreadsheet occupies the cells A1 to G100. You plan to print landscape mode on three sheets of paper, with 40 rows of cells on each page. Row 1 contains the title of your document set as a header. Row 2 contains your column titles.

  1. Select row 42 and choose Insert Row from the Edit menu.
  2. Copy row 2 and paste it into the newly created row.
  3. Select row 82 and choose Insert Row from the Edit menu.
  4. Paste what you copied from row 2 into this newly created row also.
  5. When you print, first print the range A1:G41. That's page one.
  6. Next, print the range A42:G81, page two.
  7. Finally, print the rest of the spreadsheet, range A:82:G102.

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Last Modified 28 Feb 1999