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NewCalc Chart Tips

By default, Line and X-Y charts will only work properly with data arranged horizontally. If your data is in a column, you'll have to reorient it horizontally.

Enhancing Graphics and Charts

There are many things you can do with charts and graphs using the graphic tools in NewCalc. You can change area colors in bars and pie sections. You can eliminate the lines around the areas or make them thicker. You can also change the screens and patterns.

You can add arrowheads to either end of lines in your charts, change the color and thickness, or change them to dotted lines.

Another thing you can do is make the lines in a line chart curved. Eliminate the little square points first, then transfer the chart to NewDraw or the Draw layer. Select the line(s) with a polyline tool to reveal the control points. Then double-click each point or select all (except starting and ending points) and Transform/Polyline/Make Curve Point(s).

You can add text to the graph and you can change text in groups. In NewDraw you can ungroup, edit, and change the size, color, font, and any other text attributes.

You can paste the graph back into NewCalc after making changes in NewDraw. But, now instead of just clicking the graph as one piece, you must select all the elements. You can group them before pasting back if no other changes are necessary.

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Last Modified 27 Feb 1999