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General information about using NewDeal software in conjunction with computer networks

NewDeal software does not create a network, but you can use NewDeal software with most popular networks. NewDeal software is officially compatible with Additionally, NewDeal has been demonstrated to work with many other networks, including, but not limited to A stand-alone installation of NewDeal software is network aware. That means it will recognize drives and interact with with files shared over a network, and it will print to network printers, whether the network is server-based or peer-to-peer. Co-workers or students or anyone who uses a computer network with NewDeal software can share files across the network and use printers on the network.

The network version of any NewDeal software will install onto and run from the network server on any supported network.

For additional information about using NewDeal software with Novell networks, see technical support document 256 - Novell Networks.

For specific tips about using NewDeal software with Lantastic Networks, see technical support document 255 - Lantastic Networks.

Internet Connectivity over a LAN

Release 3 of NewDeal software adds an ODI Ethernet driver which provides support for connecting to the Internet over a Local Area Network (LAN). This means you can use Skipper browser, NewMail, Meeting Room or Web Chat and other NewDeal Internet client applications to connect to the Internet without a modem, if your computer has a network card and is connected to any of the supported networks mentioned above.

To use NewDeal software to connect to the Internet over the LAN, your network must include a network server running Novell 3.xx, 4.xx, or 5.xx, or Windows NT, or Linux or Unix, and you must be using Novell Netware 3.xx client software on the workstation. To enable NewDeal's ODI Ethernet driver, see technical support document 277 - ODI Ethernet Driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will NewDeal software work with my Novell Netware 4.x or 5.x network?


Will NewDeal software work with my Windows NT network?


Someone told me that NewDeal would only work with Novell Netware 3.xx networks. What's up with that?

A computer network is usually defined by the network software that is installed on the server. NewDeal software will share files and printers on Novell Netware networks versions 3.xx, 4.xx, or 5.xx, on Lantastic networks version 4.0 or newer, on LanManager networks, on Windows NT networks, on PowerLan networks, and many other popular networks. NewDeal network version will run from the server on all these networks, too.

The only time that Novell Netware 3.xx is required is for the client on the workstation if you wish to connect to the Internet over the LAN. You can use Novell Netware 3.xx client in conjunction with servers running Netware 4.xx or 5.xx or with Windows NT servers, or even with a Linux server running Novell emulation.

Internet connectivity over a LAN is one of the most recent additions to NewDeal software. Our first priority in developing this new feature was to make Internet connectivity available over the LAN from older DOS-based computers that cannot run Microsoft Windows or other resource-hungry software. Thus we began by creating the ODI Ethernet driver to enable workstations using Netware 3.xx client to access the Internet through the LAN.

Our plans for the future include additional drivers to supplement the ODI Ethernet driver, including a driver for workstations that use Netware 4.xx and 5.xx clients, and perhaps one that will work in conjunction with the Internet connectivity that is built into Windows 95 or Windows 98. Availability dates for these additional drivers have not yet been announced.

I do want to access the Internet over my LAN. Where can I get the Novell Netware 3.xx client?

The Netware 3.xx client may be included on the diskette that came with your network interface card (NIC). It is also available for download from Novell's web site. Point your browser at, choose Free Downloads, and download the Client for DOS and Windows 3.1.
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Last Modified 26 May 1999