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Information about using NewDeal with Networks other than Novell, LANtastic, or LanManager

NewDeal software is network aware and has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with Novell Netware 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, LANtastic, and LanManager networks. This document contains notes about using NewDeal with other networks. Unless you have purchased the network version, you must have your NewDeal software installed on the hard drive of each workstation.

A network version of NewDeal Office, designed to run from a network server, is available. Please contact NewDeal sales for information about the network version.

Windows 95 or Windows 98

NewDeal has not been certified for use with the network client provided by Windows 95 or Windows 98. However, our experience and that of most of our customers has been positive. When running NewDeal from a Windows shortcut, NewDeal should automatically detect and display the network shared drives.

For printing to network printers, you must enable DOS printing for the network printer. If you did not configure your printer for DOS printing, choose Add Printer in My Computer, Printers. Select Network Printer in the Add Printer wizard. The second dialog box contains the question "Do you print from MS-DOS-based programs?" Answer YES and assign an LPT port for the printer. Use this LPT port when you install the print driver in NewDeal's Preferences.

Windows for Workgroups (Windows 3.11)

NewDeal is not compatible with the network client provided by Windows for Workgroups. You can run NewDeal from Windows 3.11 if you turn off 32 bit file access in Windows Control Panel, Enhanced, Virtual Memory. Network drives will not be visible from within NewDeal, but you can task switch back to Windows and perform file management across the network from there.

For printing, you may need to print to file and then send the printed file to the network printer using the COPY command at the DOS prompt. For example:


10-net from Data Communication Associates

Running early versions of NewDeal on Data Communications 10-Net peer-to-peer network requires starting NewDeal with the /nomem switch. Data Communications is in Dayton, Ohio. More recent versions of NewDeal have not been tested with 10-Net.

Banyan Vines

NewDeal has not been tested or certified for use with Banyan Vines networks. However, a customer reports success with Banyan Vines versions 5.54 or 6.40 by including this line in the CONFIG.SYS file:
The number of drives depends on the number of drives in your PC. Login on Banyan as usual. NewDeal may show drive letters A through Z, and maybe some bogus drives. You may be able to correct this by modifying the GEOS.INI file (see technical support document 227 - Disk Drives and Diskettes).

Lanmark DNA Network

Early versions of NewDeal did not run on some systems using the DNA network from Lanmark. At one time, Lanmark provided a patch to fix these problems. Recent versions of NewDeal have not been tested with DNA.


ManyLink network version 2.0 is made by ManyLink Corporation of Redmond. It's basically a printer-sharing and e-mail system, not a local area network (LAN). It doesn't allow access to remote drives. It seems to work fine with NewDeal, but might require raising files from 20 to 50 in CONFIG.SYS.

Memory Conflicts

Network drivers could conflict with NewDeal if they snag the address of the EMM from the int 67h vector at startup and then call it directly, rather than using int 67h as they're supposed to.

NewDeal will protect itself from the remapping of EMS pages performed by TSRs and device drivers, but starting in version 2.0, NewDeal no longer modifies instructions in the EMM itself, preferring to find the final vector that points to the EMM (be it the int 67h vector or some vector within a client of the EMM that has taken control of int 67h), so as not to run afoul of memory managers that protect their own conventional memory portions. This means NewDeal can do nothing if some other driver or program has decided it's going to avoid the extra little bit of overhead that an int 67h instruction adds on.

There is no way to detect stuff loaded into EMS, since no interrupt vectors can point into the EMS page frame itself.


NewDeal may not recognize network drives on the file server under PC-NFS version 3.01. NewDeal has been tested and works with PC-NFS 3.5.

PowerLAN Print Server

It has been reported that NewDeal will not print when run on a PowerLAN print server. Apparently, it works correctly when run on any other workstation, but not on the print server itself.

The Invisible Network

When running NewDeal with The Invisible Network, from Invisible Software, located in Foster City, California, it has been reported that NewDeal does not recognize the server drives, even though they are accessible from the DOS prompt.

TOPS Networks

NewDeal does not support TOPS networks. Engineers tested TOPS networks and determined that they performed unpredictably with NewDeal.


Early versions of NewDeal were not compatible with USIT's Web LAN. Recent versions of NewDeal have not been tested with Web LAN.
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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999