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How to configure and use the ODI Ethernet Driver to connect NewDeal software to the Internet over a Local Area Network

What is the EtherODI driver?

The ODI Ethernet Driver is new in Release 3 of NewDeal software. With the EtherODI driver, you can connect a workstation to the Internet through a NIC (Network Interface Card) connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) and then use Skipper, NewMail, Meeting Room and other Internet clients in NewDeal without a modem.

What you need to use the EtherODI driver

To use the EtherODI driver, you must have these things:

How to configure the workstation to use the ODI Ethernet Driver

  1. Make sure \SYSTEM\SOCKET\ETHERODI.GEO exists.
  2. Locate, install, and load Novell Netware Link Support Layer (LSL.COM) for Novell Netware 3.xx.
  3. Locate, install and load the 16-bit DOS driver for the network card (NIC). For an SMC card, this might be a file named SMC8000.COM. For an NE2000 or compatible network card, the file may be named NE2000.COM.

    In a typical installation of Novell client software the following modules are loaded (often from the AUTOEXEC.BAT or STARTNET.BAT file):

     C:\NWCLIENT\3C5X9.COM  (this is the network card driver)
     F:\LOGIN somebody
    Only LSL.COM and the network card driver are actually required for ETHERODI.GEO to work.
  4. Edit the NET.CFG file to add two lines (if they don't already exist) for the protocol IDs for IP and ARP, like this:
      PROTOCOL IP id_for_IP frame_type_for_IP_and_ARP
      PROTOCOL ARP id_for_ARP frame_type_for_IP_and_ARP
    In a typical installation, the NET.CFG file is located in C:\NWCLIENT. The ID for IP is usually 0x800 and that for APR is usually 0x806, unless your LAN is configured differently. The EtherODI driver doesn't assume any IDs for the two protocols, it just uses the ones specified in NET.CFG.

    The frame type for IP and ARP must be the same (either Ethernet_II or Ethernet_Snap). For example, on our testing network, Ethernet II frame type is used. Thus our NET.CFG for an SMC NIC looks like this:

    Link Driver SMC8000
    If more than one frame type in your LAN supports IP, the ODI Ethernet Driver will use the first one listed in NET.CFG.
  5. Edit the GEOS.INI file. The GEOS.INI file is located in the directory where you installed NewDeal.

    Add these keys to your GEOS.INI, if they don't already exist. You must modify the GEOS.INI by hand. Preferences cannot configure the GEOS.INI to use the ODI Ethernet Driver. You must define a static IP address (ipaddr) and provide at least one DNS server (dns1). The other keys under accessPoint0001 can be left as on most computers.

    domains = {
    sbelt = {}
    cacheSize = 100
    errorCount = 0
    driver = TCP/IP Driver
    driverType = 0
    link = ODI Ethernet Driver
    linkDomain = ODI Ethernet
    prevID = 4
    contents = {
    ;Change these values to the ones for your net.
    ;You must define a static ip address and at 
    ;least one domain name server (dns1). The other
    ;keys can be left as on most networks.
    ipaddr =
    ipgate =
    ipmask =
    dns1 =
    dns2 =
When the configuration of the workstation is complete, reboot to load the drivers and launch NewDeal. The Internet client applications should automatically find and use the Internet connection over the LAN.

3Com 32-bit NIC

If you're using a 3Com EtherLink XL network card (or any 32bit 3Com card that uses the 3C90X driver), you must add the line NO_PIPELINE to your NET.CFG file. Your NET.CFG file would look something like this:
Link Driver 3C90X

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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999