NewDeal Technical Support Document 276

Geoworks Versions 1.x and 2.x

Things you should know if you have Geoworks software, or if you have just upgraded from Geoworks to NewDeal

Running Geoworks on new computers or operating systems

You may experience difficulties running Geoworks software on computers faster than 66mhz or with DOS versions newer than 5.0, including Windows 95 and Windows 98. Geoworks software was written more than five years ago, before computers faster than 33mhz were commonly available and before DOS version 6. Geoworks Ensemble version 1.0 was introduced in 1990 and version 2.0 was introduced in 1993. Geoworks Pro was introduced in 1991, Quick Start was released in 1992, and the Personal Office Series (Designer, Writer, and Desktop) were also released in 1992.

If you have one of these Geoworks softwares, we strongly recommend upgrading to NewDeal. NewDeal is designed to run on modern, fast computers and with the newest versions of DOS and Windows. If you have documents created with Geoworks, you can use your documents with NewDeal software. NewDeal offers upgrade discounts to owners of legacy Geoworks products.

Until your upgrade arrives, here are some tips about making Geoworks run on modern computers and with newer operating systems. We provide this information as a service and NewDeal does not guarantee that Geoworks software will work at all. Geoworks software will not run under Windows NT.

To run Geoworks Ensemble 2.0 or 2.01 on a computer faster than 66mhz or under DOS 7 or Windows 95 or 98, after installing the software, edit your GEOS.INI file like this

continueSetup = false
fs = ms4.geo
After making the changes, do not run SETUP.EXE. From the DOS prompt, run LOADER.EXE. If you are using Windows 95 or 98, follow the guidelines in Technical Support Document 271, substituting the appropriate directories and file names for your software. If your computer has more than 32mb of RAM, you may need to limit the amount of EMS or XMS memory available to Ensemble to no more than 32mb of each type of memory. If you use the DOS memory manager EMM386, configure it for EMS (which is automatically limited to 32mb). If you use Windows 95 or 98, to set limits for EMS and XMS, right click the shortcut you use to launch Ensemble, choose Properties, and click the Memory tab.

For Geoworks Pro, Quick Start, Geoworks Ensemble 1.2 or the Personal Office Series, install the software, then edit your GEOS.INI file like this

continueSetup = false

At the DOS prompt, enter these commands

setver setup.exe 5.0

Reboot your computer. To start the software, run LOADER.EXE. Do not run SETUP.EXE again. If you are using Windows 95 or 98, follow the guidelines in Technical Support Document 271, substituting the appropriate directories and file names for your software.

For Geoworks Ensemble 1.0, edit your GEOS.INI file like this

continueSetup = false

Then at the DOS prompt, enter these commands

setver geos.exe 4.01
setver setup.exe 4.01

Reboot your computer. From the DOS prompt, run GEOS.EXE. Do not run SETUP.EXE again. If you are using Windows 95 or 98, follow the guidelines in Technical Support Document 271 (Windows 95 or 98 and NewDeal, substituting the appropriate directories and file names for your software.

Frequently Asked Questions

System-wide and NewManager questions

Can I use my Geoworks Pro and Ensemble 1.0 & 1.2 documents with Geoworks 2.x or NewDeal software?

Yes, all of your old documents can easily be converted to the newer format. These older files can be upgraded manually in NewManager or GeoManager. Just select the file by clicking on it once, then choose Upgrade 1.x Document from the Utilities menu. You can use this procedure to upgrade your old GeoWrite, GeoDraw, GeoDex, GeoPlanner, Scrapbook, background and clip art files. See support document number 239 (Upgrading Geoworks 1.x documents) for more information.

When I try to upgrade my documents, I get the message, "Error Converting File."

You need to turn off the Read­Only attribute for files you want to upgrade. In NewManager or GeoManager, select the file, then choose File Information, Change Attributes from the File menu.

Can I use my NewDeal or Geoworks 2.x documents with Geoworks Pro or Ensemble 1.2?

No. The format for the newer documents is much more complex than the format of Pro and Ensemble 1.2 documents. For NewWrite or GeoWrite documents, you can save them as ASCII text files using the export feature, then import them into Pro or 1.2's GeoWrite using the Insert from Text File option on the File menu.

What happened to the Beginner and Intermediate workspaces that were in earlier versions of Geoworks?

Because the Beginner and Intermediate workspaces were completely different from the main NewManager or GeoManager screen, some users were confused when they switched to the Advanced workspace. Since NewManager and GeoManager offer access to complete file management functions and User Levels are available in each application, the Beginner and Intermediate workspaces are no longer included.

Geoworks 1.x had a Welcome screen. Without a Welcome screen, how do I get to the DOS Programs screen?

From the main NewManager or GeoManager screen, click on the button labeled DOS.

How can I start a DOS Program from within Geoworks or NewDeal?

You can simply double­click on the DOS program's icon in NewManager or GeoManager or you can select Create Launcher from the Utilities menu to make a launcher for the program.

Can I use my old Geoworks fonts in NewDeal software?

Copy the fonts from the GEOWORKS\FONT or GEOS20\USERDATA\FONT directory to the NEWDEAL\USERDATA\FONT directory. If the font already exists in your NewDeal software, do not overwrite it. You may need to exit and re­enter NewDeal before the added fonts are recognized.

What is the Desk Accessories folder for? It looks empty.

Applications you place in this folder are "always on top" of other open applications. You might find this useful behavior for the Calculator, the addressbook, or other apps you frequently use. Simply move the application into this folder to make it an "always on top" application. If you decide you don't like this behavior, move it out of the Desk Accessories folder and back into the World directory.

What are these User Levels? Why do they keep changing back after I set them?

The User Levels are designed to ease the "learning curve" for beginning and intermediate users. Say you're a beginning spreadsheet user, but an advanced word processor: you can set User Level 2 in your spreadsheet application and User Level 4 in your word processor If you want the new User Level to be permanent, you need to choose Save Configuration from the Options menu in each application.

How do I use my faxmodem?

Geoworks software and early versions of NewDeal offer direct support for the Complete Communicator fax modem. If you have another brand of fax modem, consider upgrading to NewDeal, which includes support for sending and receiving faxes with most faxmodems, or the Print­to­File feature may be able to generate files in a format you can use with your fax software. See document number 218 (Fax Support) for more information.

How can I dial into America Online from NewDeal software?

NewDeal software does not include a client for America Online. Geoworks software does include an AOL client, but it is no longer supported by America Online.

Can NewDeal products be used to automate interactions?

No. Programs like HP New Wave will perform tasks like that, because they have something called an "agent," but we do not. Also, some calendar programs can start up something automatically, but NewPlanner and GeoPlanner cannot. A macro program is available from Breadbox Computers for version 2 or 3.

Can I print something directly from NewManager or GeoManager?

Yes. Select one or more document files and then press CTRL+P, or select Print from the File menu.

Does the software support a network environment?

Yes, the software is network aware. That means you can run it on a workstation attached to a network and will see the network drives. Network support has been improved with each version of the software. Version 1.x recognizes network drives on Novell Netware 3.xx networks. In version 2.0, support was added for Lantastic and LanManager networks. Version 2.1 was improved to see drives properly on Novell 4.1 servers. Banyan vines and some other networks are not supported. A network version of NewDeal is available that runs on the server.

What kind of mouse can I use?

There are 3 common types of mice: bus, serial and PS/2. The mouse must be 100% compatible with Microsoft, Logitech or Mouse Systems.

How much memory does the software take up when I'm running a DOS application from a launcher?

It varies slightly depending on your system. About 2.7K.


How do I scale graphics and clip art? I used to do it in Scrapbook, but "Copy at View %" isn't there now.

You can scale images in the draw layer of the major applications. Just paste the Scrapbook page into your document and use the Scale option under the Transform menu. Or paste it in and resize it by dragging one of the handles on the graphic. If you hold the Shift key down while dragging, the graphic will scale in proportion.

NewDraw or GeoDraw

How do I fuse and defuse objects?

Fuse and Defuse in version 1.x have been replaced by Group and Ungroup in the Arrange menu in version 2.x or newer. Group and Ungroup work in exactly the same way as Fuse and Defuse. Note that Group and Ungroup are only available if you are at User Level 2 or above.

I moved an object off the screen. How do I get it back?

Starting in version 2.x, it is possible to move graphic objects completely off the screen, because you no longer have to click on the object to drag it as you did in earlier versions. Now you can move any selected object by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse in any direction. If you drag an object too far in any direction, it will go off the screen and you will have to drag in the opposite direction to get it back. If you've already de­selected the object, choose Select All from the Edit menu. Then de­select all of the objects you can see, one at a time, by clicking on them while pressing the CTRL key. Now drag the mouse while holding the right mouse button. The remaining selected objects (which were off screen) will be moved back into view. Also, you might temporarily enlarge your Page Size to help locate the object.

NewFile or GeoFile

How do I create a new database? All I can do is open an existing file or template.

You need to change to User Level 3 or 4 before you can start a new database.

NewWrite or GeoWrite

How do I set tabs?

Simply click on the ruler with the left mouse button. A left­aligned tab marker will appear at the position you clicked on. To change the tab to a different alignment or to make it a "dot leader" tab, double­click on the tab (or choose Tabs from the Paragraph menu). The Tab Attributes dialog box will appear, where you can set the attributes or position of any tab.

How do I import an ASCII text file?

Choose New/Open from the File menu. Click on the Import button. In the Import File dialog box, select ASCII for file type. Select the directory path and filename in the File portion of the box, and click on Import to import the file, or open the file in Text File Editor and copy/paste the text into NewWrite.

The INSert key isn't working anymore. How do I enable it?

Launch Preferences and click on the Look and Feel button. In the section headed Overstrike Mode, click on Via Insert Key.

What happened to Save As under the File menu?

This option is only available under user levels 3 and 4. Choose Change User Level. To make this the default User Level whenever you enter the application, choose Save Configuration from the Options menu.

Can I print from small files like ASCII files?

Yes, you can print from the Text File Editor or import to NewWrite or GeoWrite and print from there.

Can I increase the spacing between letters my document?

Yes, you can increase the character spacing (sometimes called "manual kerning"). Just choose Character Spacing.

Importing and Exporting files

Why does each application have different formats listed for import/export?

Some formats are only appropriate for one type of application. For example, NewWrite is text­based, so it's difficult to export NewWrite files in spreadsheet or graphics formats. You can always copy information from one application to another to try to expand your export options.

Why won't some of my files import?

How do I import a file?

Under the File menu, choose New/Open. Click on the Import button.

How do I export a file?

Under the File menu, choose Other. From the Other menu, choose Export document.

How do I import my Quattro Pro spreadsheets into GeoCalc or NewCalc?

Open the file in Quattro Pro and save it again using the WK1 or DBF file name extension. Once the file is in WK1 or DBF format, you can import it directly into GeoCalc or NewCalc.

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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999