NewDeal Technical Support Document 273


Specifics about NewDeal print drivers

Note: You must have NewDeal software to use NewDeal print drivers. NewDeal print drivers will not work with other Windows, OS/2, or DOS programs.

This document is part of a list of the print drivers in NewDeal software and the printers that use each driver. Many of the drivers support multiple printers that share a common printer language. In such cases, the driver may contain variations to provide for minor differences or features among the printers it supports.

If your printer is not listed in this document, it may work by emulating a supported printer. Check the documentation for your printer to see which emulation to choose. If your unlisted printer works with one of our drivers, but is lacking support for a particular feature, try choosing printers which use different variations of that driver. For more information, see document 242 (Unlisted Printers).

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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999