NewDeal Technical Support Document 269


Information about running NewDeal software from Windows NT

NewDeal Release 3 will run as a full screen DOS application from Windows NT. Older versions of NewDeal or Geoworks software will not run under Windows NT.

On some NT systems, all you need to do is install Release 3 and it will run. Release 3 will automatically detect the NT file system and load the right fs driver.

If it doesn't run or if you get "KR-29" No valid fonts . . .

Some NT systems don't provide the correct DOS version number, and Release 3 cannot determine the correct file system driver. In that case, you need to edit the GEOS.INI file and add this line to the [system] section:
fs = ntfat.geo
If that doesn't work, try this line instead:
fs = os2.geo
The GEOS.INI is located in the directory where you installed NewDeal. You can edit the file with the Windows notepad or with EDIT at the command prompt.


When you install NewDeal, we recommend that you start by choosing the standard VGA 640x480 16-color driver. Depending on the VESA compatibility of your video board, other video drivers might work, but standard VGA is compatible with nearly every computer. You you can try the other video modes later from the Video module in NewDeal's Preferences.


If NewDeal still will not run, examine your CONFIG.NT file (usually located in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32). The following CONFIG.NT settings work for us:
dos=high, umb

Spurious Drives

On some NT systems, you might see drive buttons for drives A through Z, even if the drives do not exist on your computer. Remove phantom drives by adding lines like these to the [system] section of the GEOS.INI file, one for each drive that doesn't exist:
drive m = 0
drive n = 0
drive o = 0
drive p = 0
drive q = 0
Some folks report that NewDeal will not recognize their floppy drive when running NewDeal from Windows NT. If this happens, try defining your floppy drive as a fixed disk in the GEOS.INI:
drive a = 65535
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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999