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Quick Navigation in NewDeal software


A shortcut key is a single keystroke you can use to select a menu choice. Using the shortcut key has the same effect as pulling down a menu and selecting an item. In NewDeal software there are several keyboard alternatives to using a mouse.


At times it may be easier and quicker to use the keyboard rather than the mouse. Mnemonics are single letters or numbers used to make menu choices. The mnemonics in NewDeal menus are the underlined letters. To navigate through menus using mnemonics, first press the ALT key to activate the menu bar, and then use the arrow keys and the underlined characters.

Global shortcuts

Some shortcuts are universal in all NewDeal applications, such as pressing F3 to exit the application or Ctrl + S to Save a document. Here is a list of global keyboard control keys and other shortcuts available throughout NewDeal software:

File Management

Selecting text

Deleting text

Moving the insertion point

Screen movement

Edit commands

Note: If you change the edit keys for Cut, Copy, and Paste in Preferences, Configure UI, then

Font and styles

Window management


Desktop (NewDesk)



Application windows

NewDraw or the Draw layer



Special Characters

There are other shortcut keys in NewDeal software, such as those which will create special characters, using a combination of keystrokes, such as the bullet (Ctrl+Alt+8) or the em dash (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+hyphen). See your manual for more information.

If you don't have a mouse

In Preferences, select Arrow Key Mouse. This selection will transform your screen display to show most of the shortcuts explained in this document.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999