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If your dot-matrix or inkjet printer feeds extra sheets of paper

Note: This support document about NewDeal software. To use NewDeal print drivers, you must have NewDeal software.

When using a sheet feeder or feeding single letter-sized sheets on an Epson or Epson-compatible 24-pin printer, or on an inkjet printer, you may find that the first sheet prints fine, but on subsequent sheets, printing starts further down the page than it should, or that the printer feeds unwanted blank sheets of paper.

This is due to the extra margin space required by the paper handling mechanisms of some sheet feeders. We hope to compensate for this odd situation better in future releases of our software, but in the meantime, this simple work around may help.

In your application (NewWrite or NewDraw, probably), click on the File menu and choose Page Setup. Change the page height from 11 inches to 10.5 inches. Do not change anything else. Click OK. Then, when you go to print your document, click File and Print, as usual.

With some printers, the optimal size might be slightly larger or smaller than 10.5 inches. Finding the best value may require some trial and error. You can adjust the value in increments of .01 inch, by typing the value you want into the entry box.

If this alleviates the problem, you can set the default Page Size to the new value permanently in Preferences, Printer.

If the problem persists, you may need to change the Paper Size to match the Page Size. Again, click on Print in the File menu. When the Print Options dialog box pops up, click on Change Options.... In the Printer Control dialog box, change the paper height to match the document height (probably 10.5 inches). Click OK and Print.

For dot-matrix printers, the Page Size (as set under File, Page Setup) should usually match the Paper Size (set in the Printer Control dialog box).

For inkjet printers, it's often best if the Paper Size (in Printer Control) remains 8.5 inches by 11 inches, even if you've set the Page Size (File, Page Setup) to a smaller value.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999