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NewDeal's technical support and customer service policies

Information about our products

Product information is available on our web site (

For more detailed product information or to place an order, call 800-985-4263. The operators at this number can only answer general product information and ordering questions. They cannot help you with technical inquiries.


To order new NewDeal products, get information about upgrades, or check the status of an order, call our toll-free number 800-985-4263 or fax 514-633-6315.

Fee-Based Technical Support

We have several complimentary and several fee-based support options. Variety of services is our strength. Although we cannot provide free lifetime technical support, we do provide alternatives to help you get your questions answered quickly and easily.

Mass Market Computing

NewDeal is committed to mass market computing. We are trying to offer the best possible software at the best price. In order to offer our products at a low price we have taken the cost of support out of the price.

Since there are no support costs built in, we ask customers who require direct support to pay for it. If you don't ever need technical support, you don't have to pay. With this policy, you pay for only as much support as you need.

Most software companies charge for support

The market for software goods and services changes rapidly. Recently, the industry has made an effort to cut support costs out of the price of the product in order to remain competitive. Consequently, almost no software providers offer unlimited complimentary support. It is not our intention to provide detailed information about our competitors' support policies, but when you look into the support options offered by these and other software developers, you will find that we have a very competitive support plan:

A few of the companies that charge for technical support:

You get what you pay for

Don't be fooled into thinking that "free" support necessarily means "good" support. By charging for support, we are able to hire the most qualified technical support representatives. Our technical support team is committed to excellence.

Support for computer-related issues

To the best of their abilities, our Technical Support Representatives will help you with any computer-related problems you're having. Naturally we can't assume the responsibility for helping you with other companies' products, but we will provide you with as much assistance as we can.

Information you should have ready before you call

You can keep your call time to a minimum and help us to help you by having available as much of the following information as possible:

Before You Call

We can't help you if you are not in our registered customer database. Please have your alphanumeric customer number handy before you call. If you don't know your customer number, ask your support representative.

Complimentary Support for 30 days

When you first buy NewDeal software we provide you with 30 days of complimentary technical support. If you want more help after the first 30 days, we provide several options ranging from technical support disks to preferred customer subscriptions.

Fee Based Support

Our main technical support number is 900-555-4367. Technical support hours are 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

TechCredit Package

If you cannot dial our 900 number and if your 30 day complimentary support has expired, our TechCredit plan may be the best choice. Each support credit entitles you to one technical support call (maximum 15 minutes).

Preferred Support Subscriptions

If you need more support than an occasional phone call, we offer an annual subscription for $89.95. As a preferred customer, you get unlimited access to a special support number in the 514 area code for one year. In addition, preferred support subscribers receive a diskette of special files which contains all of our support documents.

For product replacement parts and other customer service inquiries, call 5146336647 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET or write email to

On-line Support

If your computer has a modem or a connection to the Internet, you can find a wealth of information about and support for NewDeal software on the World Wide Web, and on commercial on-line services like America Online, GEnie, and CompuServe, or on local bulletin board services. Most of this information is in the form of "users helping users" and NewDeal cannot be responsible for its accuracy. For more information about America Online, call their customer service number: 800-827-6364.
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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999