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What to do if NewDex won't dial your phone

In order to use the automatic dialing feature of NewDex, your computer must be equipped with a modem which is connected to a regular outside phone line, and you must first properly configure your modem in Preferences, Modem. Be sure the correct COM port is chosen. For more information about installing and configuring your modem, see the documentation for your modem, your user manual, and our support document 213 (Modems).

To dial from NewDex, make sure the phone number you want to dial is displayed, then click the icon that contains the picture of a phone.

Most customers have no problem using NewDex to dial their phone. For the few who have difficulties, there have been several different causes and solutions, which are detailed here.

Resetting the modem before dialing

You can tell NewDex to send a reset command to the modem automatically before each attempt to dial. Run NewDex, click the Options menu, select Dialing Options... and in the dialog box that appears, click on the box next to Reset Modem Before Dialing, so that the box is darkened. Then click Apply, click Close, and choose Save Options under the Options menu, so your choice will be retained from now on.

If that doesn't help, your GEOS.INI file may have become corrupt. You can get a fresh copy of the GEOS.INI file from installation disk #1. Insert the floppy disk in the drive and at the DOS prompt and enter:


The above line assumes the floppy disk is in drive A: and that you've installed your NewDeal software into the default directory on drive C:. If your disk drive or directory name is different, adjust the line accordingly.

Other possible solutions

NewDex expects a modem that uses standard Hayes modem commands. If your modem is not fully Hayes compatible, NewDex might not be sending the proper commands to your modem.

Make sure that your modem is not sharing an interrupt with any other device on your machine and, if your modem is internal, that you haven't set your modem set to a COM port that already exists.

If your modem is set for INT 5, try changing it to INT 3. Try switching the mouse to COM 2 and the modem to COM 1, or vice versa.

Another possibility is a conflict between your mouse driver and NewDex. If you load MOUSE.COM or MOUSE.SYS, try using the driver named "No Idea" in NewDeal. If you are already using No Idea, try the one named for your brand of mouse. If you use MOUSE.COM, try using MOUSE.SYS. If you load it high, try loading it low. Mouse, modem and interrupt conflicts may require "trial and error" solutions.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999