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How to create labels using NewDex and NewFile

In NewDeal Release 3, NewDex has limited support for printing labels and envelopes which might work if your printer and label stock match the design of the feature. If the label printing feature does not meet your needs, consider transferring your data from NewDex to NewFile, and then printing from NewFile, which has very flexible layout and printing support.

Export your data from NewDex

In the File menu, choose Other, Export Document. Select Format for an Export document. Use Comma Separated Value and be sure that the name you choose for the file ends with .CSV. Exit NewDex.

Import into NewFile

Open NewFile and choose the Import button. Select the document you created above, the one with the .CSV file name extension.

Design the Mailing Label Layout

  1. Click on the Design Mode button, in the Field Organizer, under Fields in Current Layout, click on all unnecessary fields (those not needed to create your labels). Then click on the Left Pointing directional arrow, which will move those fields into the Not in Current Layout box.
  2. Now move and resize the fields on the screen. First, click on each field name and press the Delete key to eliminate it. Since the field name contains no data, you don't need it in your label. Then click on the field box. Notice that a series of black 'handles' appear around the edges of the field. Press and hold the left mouse button on the center diamond shape and drag the mouse to arrange this field in the upper left corner of your screen. Do this with each field you have.
  3. Click the Data Entry button. You will see the data in all the fields you have imported. Notice if any of the fields have data that seems to run together, i.e. in NewDex the name, street, city, etc. were on separate lines but now they seem to be all on 1 or 2 lines bunched in together.
  4. Click on the space just prior to the text you would want to appear on a line of its own and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, which will insert a carriage return. Repeat as often as you want. You must do this for each record, so use the Record Control Panel to move to other records.
    Note: If some of your data drops out of view because your field is too small:
      a. Click on the Design Mode button.
      b. Click on the field.
      c. Press and hold the left mouse button on the lower right 'handle' of your field.
      d. Drag the mouse left and down to resize the field as appropriate.
      e. Click on the Data Entry button to view the changes.
  5. Click on the Design Mode button. Choose Page Size from the File menu, and look at the Single Record Size. This is where you set the Label size. For instance, Width 3" and Height 2". Click on Apply, then Close.
  6. Click on Data Entry and Multi-Record buttons. Choose Zoom Out from the View menu to view the entire page. You will then see your labels as they will be printed.

To print, you must be in Data Entry and Multi-Record mode.

To eliminate borders around the label fields

While in Design Mode, choose Single Record. Select the record by clicking on it, which will surround it with handles. Choose Line Attributes from the Graphics menu and select Unfilled. Click Apply, then Close. With some computer systems, you may also have to choose Field Edges from the Properties menu and deselect all four edges.
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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999