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A brief explanation of the Extra Memory Types available under the Computer module of Preferences

In NewDeal software, you set up extra memory in the Computer section of Preferences. There are four options for extra memory types: None, Expanded (LIM/EMS), XMS/HIMEM.SYS, and Extended (above 1 MB).


Use this selection when you want NewDeal to ignore your extra memory and use only your conventional memory.

Expanded (LIM/EMS)

This selection is used when memory is being managed by an expanded memory manager like EMM386.EXE. Some expanded memory managers are proprietary and are provided when you purchase an expanded memory board. NewDeal doesn't address the expanded memory card's registers directly, it does so through the EMM driver.


This selection is for XMS, or "managed extended" memory. HIMEM.SYS or HIDOS.SYS are the most common memory managers for this type of memory.

Extended (above 1 MB)

This selection is only for extended memory that is not being managed by any memory manager. If your memory is being managed by a memory manager, this selection doesn't apply to your system. This setting is primarily for use on 286 computers.

Selecting Extra Memory Types

If you aren't sure what type of memory you have, select all three. When you click on the OK button, NewDeal will tell you it needs to be restarted. Click on Yes. When NewDeal Deal restarts, it will examine your computer's configuration. Any memory types that aren't available will be de-selected automatically.

Check the Computer section to see what memory types NewDeal has retained. Usually only one type will remain selected. This means that all of your computer's memory is configured as the same type. For example, if XMS/HIMEM.SYS is the only type selected, that means that all of your memory is being managed by one memory manager-probably HIMEM.SYS.

If None is selected, your extended memory may be used up by a different application before you run NewDeal. You may have allocated your extended memory to a caching program or task switching program. If you have 1 MB or less of memory, your extended memory (the memory above 640K) is probably being filled up by TSRs or device drivers. Since these other programs are using up your extended memory, there isn't any available for NewDeal to use. If your computer has only 640K, you have no extended memory to use, so None will always be selected.

For More Information

For a more advanced discussion of memory, see technical support document 210 (Maximize Your Memory).

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999