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How to upgrade documents created in older versions of Geoworks software

Documents created with Geoworks version 2.0 or newer can be used immediately with NewDeal software, without any special upgrades or changes to the documents. If you have documents created with older versions of Geoworks, you can easily upgrade your GEOS v1.0 or v1.2 documents to NewDeal's improved format. Any document created in the older versions of Geoworks software needs to be upgraded before you can use it in NewDeal's newer versions of the software. If the icon for your document looks like a logo on top of several pages of paper, or if you get the error "Unable to open document" when you double-click on its icon, then you need to upgrade the document.

The upgrade process is not reversible.

In other words, once you upgrade a document, there is no way to "downgrade" it so that you can use it in an old version of the software again. If you think you may ever need the document in the older format for any reason, then make a copy of the file and upgrade the copy.


Additional Information

Error Converting File

This error is caused if a file is marked read-only. To correct the problem, in NewManager select the document that gave the error message. From the File menu, choose File Information, then Change Attributes. In NewDesk, right click the icon for the document and choose Options, Attributes from the menu. De-select the Read Only check box, then click on Change. Now upgrade the document again.

Upgrading is two steps

The upgrade process only modifies the document header - the first part of the document file which contains the information that identifies the software version that created the document. The first time you open an upgraded document, you'll briefly see the message "Updating old document." This means the main body of the document is now being upgraded.

Upgrading from a Floppy Disk

If you have documents on floppy disks that you need to upgrade, you can either upgrade the documents right on the floppy or copy them to your hard drive and upgrade them there.

GEOSBACK Documents

If the installer created a GEOSBACK directory and you have documents there that you need to upgrade, it's a good idea to move them to the NewDeal DOCUMENT directory before upgrading them. This way all of your documents will be in the Document folder. To move the files, display the \GEOSBACK\DOCUMENT folder. From the File menu, choose Select All. Point to one of the selected files, press and hold the right mouse button, and drag the mouse pointer to the Document directory and release the right mouse button. The files will be moved to the NewDeal DOCUMENT directory.
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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999