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How to create and print banners in NewDraw

Why use NewDraw?

Although creating a banner in NewDraw is more complicated than using the NewBanner application, there are several advantages to using NewDraw. The biggest advantage is the ability to print in High Quality mode, which is not available from NewBanner. NewDraw also allows you to use text, clip art, and graphics to jazz up your banners.

The Procedure

  1. Under the File menu, choose Page Size.
  2. Change the Width to 42 inches and the Height to 42 inches.
  3. Create the banner horizontally, up to 42 inches long and less than 8.5 inches tall. If you use a long string of text, you may need to use the pointer tool to drag one of the handles on the right side of the text box to the right, so the text doesn't wrap onto two lines. Add graphics or text effects as desired.
  4. From the Edit menu, choose Select All.
  5. From the Arrange menu, choose Group.
  6. From the Transform menu, choose Rotate 90 Clockwise.
  7. If your banner disappears from the screen. Just press and hold the right mouse button and drag the mouse to the left. You may have to drag the mouse several times, but eventually the object will come into view. It might help to choose Scale to fit in the View menu.
  8. Line up your banner along the left edge of the page, inside the margin markers.
  9. Under the File menu, choose Page Size and reduce the width of the page to 8.5 inches again.
  10. To print, choose Print from the File menu.
  11. In the Print dialog box, Click on the Options button. Change the Height to 42 inches and the Width to 8.5 inches. Click on OK, then on Print.

screen shot 1

Create your banner on a 42 inch by 42 inch page. Then Select All, Group, Rotate 90 degrees clockwise, and drag to position along the left margin.

screen shot 2

Finally, reduce the Page Size to 8.5 inches wide, enlarge the Paper Size to 42 inches, and Print.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999