NewDeal Technical Support Document 232


How to solve the error messages KR-12 and KR-15

What the Errors Mean

These error messages are caused when NewDeal runs out of handles, which are pointers to blocks of memory. NewDeal software uses handles to keep track of all of your open applications and documents. If you run low on handles, it means that NewDeal is trying to hold too much information in memory at one time.

KR-12 - "Out of System Resource Handles," means that NewDeal has run out of handles for the information it's trying to hold. You must restart your computer. You may be able to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to return to the DOS prompt or to restart your computer. If that doesn't work, you can use the Reset button, or just turn your computer off and on again.

The next time NewDeal starts, you will get a message that it didn't shut down normally. Click on Reset to close all open applications and ensure that the minimum number of handles are being used.

KR-15 - "Low on System Resource Handles, Exit an Application," means that you should immediately close some open documents or applications.

How to get More Handles

If you have too few handles, NewDeal may not be able to open large documents or multiple applications. If you have too many handles for the amount of memory on your computer, NewDeal might run more slowly than necessary. It's generally better to have too many handles than too few.

To see if you can give NewDeal more handles, run Preferences, click on the Newdeal (or NewDOS or GEOS) button. In the section labeled Number of Handles, increase the setting to 3500.

Other suggestions

If you are using MS DOS 5 or MS DOS 6 or Novell DOS 7, try raising the number of FILES in your CONFIG.SYS file to 80 or 100.

If you are using DR DOS 6, be sure you have FILES=120 (or a higher number) in your CONFIG.SYS file.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999