NewDeal Technical Support Document 230


What to do if you have problems with NewCalc, NewFile, and/or Calculator

General Information

If you are experiencing problems with NewCalc, NewFile, or Calculator, but the other applications in NewDeal work fine, the problems might be caused by your math coprocessor. Math coprocessor errors range from inability to load the application at all to random crashes while working in one of the applications.

NewDeal software can only use Intel® or 100% Intel-compatible math coprocessors. Errors could be caused by a coprocessor that isn't 100% Intel-compatible, or by a defective math coprocessor.

Remember, NewDeal only uses the math coprocessor in NewCalc, NewFile, and Calculator, so if you are having problems with those applications, your math coprocessor could be at fault.

Disabling the Math Coprocessor

The easiest solution for this problem is to tell your NewDeal software not to use your math coprocessor. To do this, edit your GEOS.INI file. Find the [math] section and change the line immediately following the section header to read:
coprocessor = none
For example, if your current GEOS.INI file reads:
coprocessor = intx87ec.geo
You would change it to:
coprocessor = none
If there is no [math] section in your GEOS.INI file, add both lines to the end of the GEOS.INI file.

NewDeal only uses the math coprocessor in NewCalc, NewFile, and Calculator, so turning off the coprocessor recognition will not slow down most operations.


A customer was getting a "Coprocessor Memory Parity Error" message. When we removed ANSI.SYS from the CONFIG.SYS file, the problem stopped.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999