NewDeal Technical Support Document 228


How to upgrade your Geoworks Sony or NEC CD-ROM Manager software to NewDeal software


Any CD-ROM drive can be used with NewDeal software. The drive will be accessible from the desktop or in NewManager just like any other disk drive.

The CD-ROM drivers

There are drivers (special software programs) that control your CD player. When you initially installed the Geoworks CD Manager software, these drivers were placed in the \GEOWORKS\CDROM directory. If you delete this directory, you delete the CD drivers. If you would like to delete the old GEOWORKS directory, you will need to either copy the CD-ROM drivers to a new directory or reinstall them to a different directory.

To set up the drivers, you have the following options. If you aren't familiar with DOS, we recommend you find someone who is to assist you with either option.

  1. Copy the files from the C:\GEOWORKS\CDROM directory to another directory, such as C:\NEWDEAL. Then edit your CONFIG.SYS file, pointing the TSLCDR or SLCD lines to the NEWDEAL directory instead of the \GEOWORKS\CDROM directory. Also check your AUTOEXEC.BAT file for the path to MSCDEX.EXE and make sure that it points to the location of the correct version of MSCDEX.EXE.
  2. Or re-install the floppy disk portion of the CD Manager setup. When the setup program prompts you for a directory name, enter C:\NEWDEAL (or the directory where you installed NewDeal). Don't run the second portion of setup (the CD portion).

Launchers for the CDs

To create launchers for your CDs in NewManager, use the Create Launcher option in the Utilities menu. There are no plans to upgrade the CD Integrator utility, since you can do the same thing with the Create Launcher option in NewManager.

Audio CD Player

The Audio CD Player that came with your NEC or Sony CD Manager is not compatible with NewDeal. NewDeal software now includes its own CD Player for playing music CDs.
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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999