NewDeal Technical Support Document 223


A list of files in NewDeal SchoolSuite

This is a list of files installed by NewDeal SchoolSuite Release 3. We do not recommend that you delete NewDeal files except as a last resort on small hard drives. If you accidentally delete a required system file, NewDeal will not run properly and you will need to re-install.


NDSS98        Folder where NewDeal is installed, contains
              files to start NewDeal and helpful utilities,
              loader.exe and geos.ini are required
GEOS.INI          2741     Initialization file, stores driver
                           choices and other configurations
README.TXT       33887     Installation help text file
LICENSE.TXT       7165     Software License text file
VERSION.TXT        114     Text describing specific version
BT2NEW.BAT         940     Batch file to configure starting
                           New Deal when the computer starts
FINDIT.EXE        3859     Dos program used by makeboot.bat
GEOS.STR           696     Text file used by loader.exe
HIDECOM1.COM        26     Utility for hiding serial port
HIDECOM2.COM        26     Utility for hiding serial port
INFO.BAT           770     Batch file for showing system info
MAKEBOOT.BAT      3028     Batch file for making boot diskette
NEWDEAL.BAT         22     Batch file which runs loader.exe
NEWDEAL.ICO        766     Windows icon for NewDeal
NEWHELP.EXE      93728     Dos program for installation help
PRENEW.BAT         260     Batch file to restore original 
                           config.sys and autoexec.bat
PRINFO.BAT        1650     Batch file to print system info
RESET.BAT          155     Batch file to remove state files
SALVAGE.EXE      47116     DOS program for recovering data
                           from damaged NewDeal documents
SALVAGE_.000     39480     Salvage instructions
SETAOLOC.SET        10     File used by makeboot.bat
SETUP.EXE        14953     DOS program to start NewDeal's
                           Graphical Setup
TESTDISK.BAT      1262     Batch file to check diskettes
UNINSTAL.EXE     13552     DOS program to delete NewDeal
VIEW.BAT           549     Batch file for reading text files
GEOHELP.STR       2064     Text file used by Newhelp.exe
LOADER.PIF         967     Windows shortcut properties file
LOADER.EXE       43296     DOS program that starts NewDeal
NEW.HLP          36312     Text file used by Newhelp.exe
NEWDEAL.GRP       1570     Windows group file for NewDeal
NEWDEAL.PIF        967     Windows shortcut properties file
SS98.BAT            22     Batch file which runs loader.exe

DOCUMENT      Default folder for documents, nothing in this
              folder is required
README.TXT       33887     Installation help text file
NEW_DEAL.000       840     New Deal Store

CROSSWOR.000  Folder of sample Crossword files
@DIRNAME.000       256     Crossword Puzzles directory
                           name and links file
SCIENCE_.000      2211     Science (Med. 15)
GEOGRAPH.000      1684     Geograph (Med. 13)
HISTORY_.000      1724     History (Med. 13)
PEOPLE__.000      2119     People (Med. 15)
EVENTS__.000      2186     Events (Med. 15)

DESKTOP       Folder for files that appear on the desktop
@DIRNAME.000       256     DESKTOP directory name
                           and links file

COMPUTER      Folder for links to drives
@DIRNAME.000       383     Computer directory name
                           and links file

WORLD         Default folder for applications, none are
              required for NewDeal to start, but what 
              would you do without them?
@DIRNAME.000       382     WORLD directory name
                           and links file
BANNER.GEO       12272     NewBanner
BIGCALC.GEO      54168     Calculator
CDPLAYER.GEO     66860     CD Player
CHARM.GEO         8982     Character Map
CLOCK.GEO        21270     Clock
CWORD.GEO        45026     Crossword
DIRLIST.GEO       6990     Directory Lister
DRAW.GEO         28368     NewDraw
FAXRECEI.GEO     12562     FaxReceive
FAXVIEW.GEO      29026     FaxView
FF.GEO           12828     File Finder
GEOCALC.GEO      45978     NewCalc
GEODEX.GEO       71720     NewDex
GEOFILE.GEO      82700     NewFile
GEOPLAN.GEO      66856     NewPlanner
MEDIAVWR.GEO     41742     Media Viewer
NEW_DEAL.000       840     New Deal Store
PREFMGR.GEO      30176     Preferences
READER.GEO        6638     Book Reader
SCRAPBK.GEO      21304     Scrapbook
SKIPPERP.GEO     88102     Skipper Pro
SOLI.GEO         25396     Solitaire
TEDIT.GEO        10362     Text File Editor
TERM.GEO         70858     NewComm
WRITE.GEO        87652     NewWrite

NEWBASIC.000  Folder for sample NewBASIC programs
@DIRNAME.000       256     NewBASIC Sample Applications
                           directory name and links file
ARTLRY_B.000      5496     ARTLRY.BC
CALC_BC.000       3352     CALC.BC
README.TXT         837     Explanatory text file
TICTAC_B.000      3384     TICTAC.BC

EXTRAS        Folder of extra applications
BOUNCE.GEO        4082     Bounce
DUMP.GEO         20704     Screen Dumper
SPINTEXT.GEO      3754     3D Font Demo
TIMER.GEO         5396     Stopwatch

DESK_ACC.000  Folder for "stay-on-top" apps
@DIRNAME.000       256     Desk Accessories
README.TXT         927     Explanatory text file

DOSROOM       Folder for DOS program launchers
DOS_PROM.000      8232     DOS Prompt Launcher
NEWDEAL_.000      8448     NewDeal Help Utility Launcher

PRIVDATA      Folder for files unique to this workstation,
              most are required for NewDeal to work properly,
              NewDeal will rebuild Token Database and Fontbuf
              if you delete them
LAUNCHER.GEO      7688     Default DOS Launcher
TOKEN_DA.000    227736     Token Database

LANGX         Folder for language files
LANGX.DAT       158429     Default language file

PREF          Folder used by Preferences, if you delete
              device driver list, NewDeal will build a 
              new one
NEW_DEAL.000     45352     New Deal device driver list

USERDATA      Folder for files shared by all users,
              most are not required for NewDeal to run

BACKGRND      Folder for background files, not required
ASTRO_25.000    266728     Astro 256
BRICKS.000        2600     Bricks
CHOCOLAT.000      2712     Chocolate
CUBES.000         2568     Cubes
EAGLE_16.000    147432     Eagle 16-color
EAGLE_25.000    278792     Eagle 256-color
EARTH_16.000     67896     Earth 16-color
EARTH_25.000    135800     Earth 256
ELEPHANT.000    139064     Elephant 16-color
ELEPHANT.001    289144     Elephant 256-color
FULL_MOO.000     69112     Full Moon
NEW_DEAL.990     15144     New Deal 1
NEW_DEAL.991      4456     New Deal Tile
NEW_DEAL.992      5032     New Deal 2
NEW_DEAL.993      5048     New Deal 3
NEW_DEAL.994    157672     New Deal 4
NEW_DEAL.998    307160     New Deal 8
PEBBLES.000       3992     Pebbles
PIPES.000         2728     Pipes
ROOF_TIL.000      4024     Roof tiles
SMALL_CU.000      2568     Small cubes
VINES.000         2840     Vines
WEAVE.000         3224     Weave

COMMACRO      Folder used by NewComm, not required
COMPU.MAC         1695     Script for CompuServe
GENIE.MAC         1602     Script for GEnie

DECK          Folder used by card games
GEODECK.VM      183292     NewDeal Default Deck

DICTS         Folder for dictionaries
COM_THES.DIS    302848     Thesaurus
ENGLISH.GDI        410     Dictionary Index
HECDP301.DAT    107520     Hyphenation dictionary
IENC9123.DAT    218112     Spelling dictionary

FONT          Folder for fonts, Berkeley, Bison, LED,
              University, and URW Roman are required
ARMY1602.FNT     26774     Army
BERKELEY.FNT     26436     Berkeley
BISON.FNT        16104     Bison
BROADWAY.FNT     25794     Superb
CART1606.FNT     34310     Cartoon
CENTURY_.FNT    104616     Cranbrook
COOPER.FNT       30575     Cooperstown
DODG160B.FNT     24253     Dodge City
FGOTHIC.FNT      39995     Sather Gothic
LED.FNT           2252     LED
MATC164C.FNT     17820     Matchbook
MONO.FNT        158301     URW Mono
PARK_AVE.FNT     27487     Shattuck Avenue
PING1801.FNT     42495     Ping Pong
ROMAN.FNT       171208     URW Roman
SANS.FNT        157628     URW Sans
SYMBOLPS.FNT     27173     URW SymbolPS
UNIVERSI.FNT     33876     University

ND_STORE.000  Folder used by Book Reader, not required
@DIRNAME.000       256     Store Data Files
ND_STORE.001    197176     ND Store P-1
ND_STORE.000    227784     ND Store P-2
ND_STORE.002    241128     ND Store P-3
ND_STORE.003    138264     ND Store P-4

TERMCAP       Folder used by NewComm, not required
ANSI.TC            321     Ansi terminal definition 
IBM3101.TC         262     IBM terminal definition
TTY.TC              88     Teletype terminal definition
TVI950.TC          467     TV terminal definition
VT100.TC          1295     VT100 terminal definition
VT52.TC            205     VT52 terminal definition
WYSE50.TC          370     WYSE terminal definition

HELP          Folder for on-screen help files, if you 
              delete a help file, the software will run,
              but help will be unavailable for that topic
BANNER__.000     17256     banner
BIGCALC_.000     35240     bigcalc
BITMAP__.000     10312     bitmap
CARDS___.000      9208     cards
CHARACTE.000     13400     Character Map
CHART___.000     15560     chart
COLOR___.000     14024     color
COPYRIGH.000     10920     copyright & tm
DIRLS11_.000     10984     dirls11
DRAW____.000     62008     draw
DUMP____.000     17112     dump
FAXCTRL_.000     16344     faxctrl
FAXCVR.000        9464     faxcvr
FAXRECEI.000     15064     faxreceive
FAXVIEW_.000     12568     faxview
FFILE___.000     15128     ffile
FILE_FIN.000     12632     File Finder
GEOCALC_.000     71848     geocalc
GEODEX__.000     41592     geodex
GEOFILE_.000     83336     geofile
GEOPLANN.000     40280     geoplann
GROBJ___.000     18776     grobj
HOH_(KEY.000     10136     hoh (keyboard)
HOH_(MOU.000     10920     hoh (mouse)
IMPEX___.000     13000     impex
LAUNCH__.000     11080     launch
MANAGER_.000     57432     manager
MATH____.000     11432     math
MEDIAVWR.000     13672     mediavwr
MOTIF___.000     11000     motif
NEWCD___.000    163464     newcd
NEWDESK_.000     26776     newdesk
NEWUI___.000     16952     newui
PREFFAXH.000     11144     prefFaxHelp
PREFINT.000      10984     prefint
PREFMGR_.000     43784     prefmgr
READER__.000     12744     reader
RULER___.000      9928     ruler
SCRAPBK_.000     22456     scrapbk
SOLITAIR.000     16296     solitair
SPELL___.000     12872     spell
SPLINE__.000      9336     spline
SPOOL___.000     16456     spool
SSHEET__.000     20376     ssheet
SKIPPER_.000     34024     Skipper Help File
STYLES__.000     11080     styles
TEDIT___.000     33016     tedit
TERM____.000     48856     term
TEXT____.000     24664     text
UI______.000     21832     ui
WRITE___.000     75560     write

SYSTEM        Folder for system libraries and drivers,
              most are required for NewDeal to run,
              some are specific to certain applications
ACCPNT.GEO        8732     Access point database
ANSIC.GEO         6034     ANSI C Library
BASCO.GEO       113472     Basco Library
BASRUN.GEO      111672     Basic Runtime Library
BITMAP.GEO       26684     Bitmap Library
BORLANDC.GEO      3460     Interrupt Float Library
CARDS.GEO        12912     Card Library
CDAUDIO.GEO       5818     CD Audio Library
CELL.GEO          5116     Cell Library
CHART.GEO        39636     Chart Library
COLOR.GEO        14392     Color Library
COMPRESS.GEO      8758     PKware Compression Library
CONFIG.GEO       18664     Configuration Library
CONVERT.GEO      10106     1.X Document Converter
CONVIEW.GEO      32256     Book Reader Library
DATASTOR.GEO     18802     DataStore Library
DATAX.GEO         4018     Data Exchange Library
DHCP.GEO          1598     DHCP Library
DIB.GEO           3306     Bitmap Metafile Converter
ENT.GEO           6520     Component Object Library
EXTGRAPH.GEO      8684     Extended Graphics Library
EXTUI.GEO         3078     Extended UI Library
FAXCTRL.GEO      27146     Fax Controller Library
FAXFILE.GEO      19980     Fax File Library
FFILE.GEO       143530     Flat File Database Library
FILESTR.GEO        982     File Stream Driver
GADGET.GEO       81454     Gadget Library
GAME.GEO          8760     Game Library
GEOS.GEO        262352     GEOS Kernel
GROBJ.GEO       188790     Graphic Object Library
HASH.GEO          1908     Hash Library
HTML3PAR.GEO     77678     HTML 3 Parsing Library
HTMLPARS.GEO     27494     HTML Parsing Library
IJGJPEG.GEO     103528     IJG JPEG Library
IMPEX.GEO        19928     Impex Library
INT8087.GEO       8534     Intel 8087 Library
INTX87.GEO        7958     Intel 80X87 Library
MAILBOX.GEO      77896     Mailbox Library
MATH.GEO         30842     Math Library
MODEM.GEO         3774     Modem Driver
MOTIF.GEO       248448     Motif  Specific UI
MSMFILE.GEO       9988     Text Metafile Converter
NET.GEO           4842     Net Library
NETUTILS.GEO      4318     Net library/driver utilities
NEWUI.GEO       248162     NewUI  Specific UI
PARALLEL.GEO      4248     Parallel Driver
PARSE.GEO        27082     Parse Library
PEN.GEO          23456     Pen Support Library
RESOLVER.GEO     12478     Resolver
RULER.GEO        16228     Ruler Library
SAVER.GEO         7370     Lights Out
SERIAL.GEO        8100     Serial Driver
SHELL.GEO         5434     Shell Library
SOCKET.GEO       22224     Socket Library
SOUND.GEO         9496     Sound Library
SPELL.GEO       159596     Spell Check Library
SPLINE.GEO       33796     Spline library
SPOOL.GEO        69298     Print Spool Library
SPRITE.GEO        1626     Sprite Library
SSHEET.GEO       79004     Spreadsheet Library
SSMETA.GEO        4164     SSheet Meta Library
STREAM.GEO        2776     Stream Driver
STREAMC.GEO       3630     C Stream Driver Library
STYLES.GEO       14604     Styles Library
SWAP.GEO          1618     Swap Driver Library
TEXT.GEO        155822     Text Library
TREE.GEO          3204     Tree Library
UI.GEO          173002     Generic User Interface
VMFI.GEO          1442     Fido VM Input Driver
WAV.GEO           1640     Wav Library
WMG3FTP.GEO       9220     Geos 3.0 FTP URL Driver
WMG3HTTP.GEO     12276     Geos 3.0 HTTP URL Driver

COMP          Folder used by NewBASIC runtime, required
              if you want to run NewBASIC applications
DRAW.GEO          5594     CoOL Draw
FILE.GEO          9154     CoOL File
NET.GEO           4842     Net Library
PRINT.GEO         1688     Print Component Object Library
TOOLBOX.GEO       6844     CoOL Toolbox

DMA           Folder for data transfer drivers,
              required by the Sound Blaster driver
DOSREAL.GEO        856     DOS-Real mode DMA Driver

FAX           Folder for fax drivers, required if you
              want to fax from NewWrite
CLASS1IN.GEO     10132     Class 1 Fax Input Driver
CLASS1OU.GEO     10114     Class 1 Fax Output Driver
CLASS2IN.GEO      6216     Class 2 Fax Input Driver
CLASS2OU.GEO      5502     Class 2 Fax Output Driver

FILEMGR       Folder for file manager utilities,
              required if you want to make links 
			  or upgrade 1.x documents
CVTTOOL.GEO       3472     1.X VM Converter Tool
LINKTOOL.GEO      1836     Link creation tool

FONT          Folder for font drivers, required
NIMBUS.GEO        9172     Nimbus-Q Font Driver

FS            Folder for file system drivers,
              at least one is required
CDROM.GEO         1920     CD-ROM IFS Driver
DRI.GEO          28124     DR DOS IFS Driver
MS3.GEO          28328     MS DOS 3.X IFS Driver
MS4.GEO          28208     MS DOS 4.X IFS Driver
MSNET.GEO         1944     MS-Net IFS Driver
NETWARE.GEO       4250     NetWare IFS Driver
NTFAT.GEO        26636     NT 4.0 FAT IFS Driver
OS2.GEO          26636     OS/2 2.0 IFS Driver
RFSD.GEO         13430     Remote FS Driver

IMPEX         Folder for import-export filters,
              required if you plan to import
              or export files
ASCII.GEO         1576     Ascii Translator
BMP.GEO          23648     Bmp Translator
CLP.GEO          22132     Clp Translator
CSV.GEO           4410     CSV Translator
DBASE3.GEO        6920     dBase III Translator
DBASE4.GEO        6900     dBase IV Translator
EPS.GEO          42204     PostScript Translation Library
GIF.GEO          39232     Gif Translator
HTMLIMPX.GEO      2450     HTML Translator
IMPGRAPH.GEO      8156     Graphics Import Library
LOT123.GEO       41838     Lotus 1-2-3 Translator
LOT123SS.GEO      8498     Lotus 123 Translator
MMATE.GEO        59968     MultiMate Translator
MSWORD.GEO       62818     MS Word Translator
PCX.GEO          21984     Pcx Translator
RTF.GEO         111358     RTF Translator
TIF.GEO          43548     Tif Translator
WPERF5.GEO       87080     WordPerfect 5.X Translator
WSTAR.GEO        89074     WordStar Translator
XYWRITE.GEO      80392     XyWrite Translator

KBD           Folder for keyboard drivers, at least
              one is required
KBD.GEO           5112     US Keyboard Driver
KBD_CSA.GEO       5128     CAN/CSA-Z243.200-91 Keyboard
KBD_DVRK.GEO      5128     Dvorak Keyboard
KBDB_CF.GEO       5128     Bilingual Canadian Keyboard
KBDE_BE.GEO       5128     Belgian Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDE_CF.GEO       5144     French Canadian Keyboard
KBDE_DF.GEO       5128     Danish Extended Keyboard
KBDE_FR.GEO       5128     French Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDE_GR.GEO       5128     German Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDE_IT.GEO       5128     Italian Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDE_NO.GEO       5128     Norwegian Extended Keyboard
KBDE_PO.GEO       5128     Portuguese Extended Keyboard
KBDE_SF.GEO       5144     Swiss-French Extended Keyboard
KBDE_SG.GEO       5144     Swiss-German Extended Keyboard
KBDE_SP.GEO       5128     Spanish Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDE_SV.GEO       5128     Swedish Extended Keyboard
KBDE_UK.GEO       5128     UK Extended Keyboard Driver
KBDN_DF.GEO       5128     Danish Keyboard
KBDN_FR.GEO       5128     French Keyboard Driver
KBDN_GR.GEO       5128     German Keyboard Driver
KBDN_IT.GEO       5128     Italian Keyboard Driver
KBDN_NO.GEO       5128     Norwegian Keyboard
KBDN_SG.GEO       5128     Swiss-German Keyboard Driver
KBDN_SP.GEO       5128     Spanish Keyboard Driver
KBDN_SV.GEO       5128     Swedish Keyboard
KBDN_UK.GEO       5112     UK Keyboard Driver
KPS1_FR.GEO       5128     French PS/1 Keyboard Driver
T1000.GEO         5128     Tandy 1000 Keyboard Driver

MBDATA        Folder for mailbox data drivers, required
FILEDD.GEO        2786     File Data Driver
VMTREE.GEO        3618     VM Tree Data Driver

MBTRANS       Folder for mailbox communications drivers,
FAXSENDT.GEO     13152     Fax Send Transport Driver
SOCKRECV.GEO       832     Socket Receive
SPOOLTD.GEO       2540     Print Spool Transport

MOUSE         Folder for mouse drivers, at least 
              one is required
ABSGEN.GEO        1808     Absolute Generic Mouse
GENMOUSE.GEO      1624     Generic Mouse Driver
KBMOUSE.GEO       1756     Keyboard-run Mouse Driver
LOGIBUS.GEO       1984     Logitech Bus Mouse
LOGISER.GEO       2302     Logitech Serial Mouse
MSBUS.GEO         1800     Microsoft Bus Mouse
MSSER.GEO         3306     Microsoft Serial Mouse
MSYS.GEO          3062     Mouse Systems Serial Mouse
PS2.GEO           1902     IBM PS/2 Mouse

NET           Folder for network drivers, required for
              NewManager's Connect feature
COMM.GEO          4770     Comm Driver

POWER         Folder for power management drivers
NOPOWER.GEO       2180     Empty Power Management Driver

PREF          Folder for Preferences modules,
              required for configuring NewDeal
HPREFCN.GEO       6066     Connect Module
PREFBG.GEO        7200     Background Module
PREFCOMP.GEO      6646     Computer Module
PREFFAX2.GEO     11470     Fax Preference Module
PREFFONT.GEO     14544     Font Module
PREFINT.GEO       7458     Internet
PREFINTL.GEO     11198     International Module
PREFKBD.GEO       4442     Keyboard Module
PREFLF.GEO        7058     Look & Feel Module
PREFLO.GEO        6788     Lights Out Module
PREFMOUS.GEO      7350     Mouse Module
PREFOS.GEO        3506     Newdeal Module
PREFSND.GEO       3478     Sound Module
PREFTD.GEO        2790     Date & Time Module
PREFTS.GEO        3254     Task Switcher Module
PREFUIC.GEO       5648     UI Module
PREFVID.GEO       4146     Video Module
TWEAKUI.GEO      11726     Configure UI Module

PRINTER       Folder for print drivers, at least
              one is required if you intend to print
BCHIP9.GEO        9450     BlueChip 9-pin driver
BJC240.GEO        8122     Canon BJC-240 driver
BJC70.GEO         8774     Canon BJC-70 driver
CANON48.GEO       9150     Canon BJ-130 48-jet driver
CCOM.GEO          8994     CCom FAX Driver
CITOH9.GEO        7498     C.Itoh 9-pin driver
DESKJET.GEO       7630     HP DeskJet driver
DIABLO.GEO        4054     Diablo Daisy Wheel driver
DICONIX9.GEO      9100     Diconix 9-jet driver
DJ500C.GEO        6808     HP DeskJet CMY driver
DUMB.GEO          3594     Dumb ASCII Only driver
EPLX9.GEO         9822     Epson LX 9-pin driver
EPMX9.GEO         7446     Epson MX 9-pin driver
EPRX9.GEO         7746     Epson RX 9-pin driver
EPSHI24.GEO      15502     Late Model Epson 24-pin driver
EPSON24.GEO      14698     Epson 24-pin driver
EPSON48.GEO      13436     Epson 48-jet driver
EPSON9.GEO       18804     Epson 9-pin driver
ESCP.GEO          6770     Epson ESCP driver
FAXPRINT.GEO      4240     Fax Print Driver
GRPR9.GEO         7160     IBM Graphics 9-pin driver
LBP.GEO           5736     Canon LBP driver
MERCURY.GEO       6380     HP DeskJet KCMY driver
NEC24.GEO         9082     Late Model NEC 24-pin driver
OKI9.GEO          5448     Oki9 driver
PCL4.GEO         13738     HP PCL Level 4 driver
PPDS24.GEO        7196     IBM PPDS 24-pin driver
PROP9.GEO        13546     IBM Proprinter 9-pin driver
PROPX24.GEO      10912     IBM Proprinter X24 24-pin driver
PSCRIPT.GEO      15912     PostScript driver
QUIETJET.GEO      5400     HP QuietJet driver
STAR9.GEO         6944     Star 9-pin driver
TEST.GEO          8738     Test print driver
TOSH24.GEO        6880     Toshiba 24-pin driver

SAVERS        Folder for Lights Out modules, required
              if you use screen savers
BLANK.GEO          924     Blank
BOBBIN.GEO        8114     Bobbin
BOBBINPR.GEO       842     Bobbin Options
CIRCLES.GEO       1874     Circles
CIRCLESP.GEO      3882     Circles Options
FADES.GEO         1214     Fades & Wipes
FADESPRE.GEO      1658     Fades Options
LASTWORD.GEO      4260     Last Words
LWPREF.GEO        5310     Last Words Options
MELT.GEO          1458     Melt
MELTPREF.GEO       842     Melt Options
PIECES.GEO        2090     Pieces
PIECESPR.GEO      1498     Pieces Options
QIX.GEO           1878     Qix
QIXPREF.GEO       1770     Qix Options
STARS.GEO         1734     Stars
STARSPRE.GEO       906     Stars Options
STRING.GEO        2394     String Art
STRINGPR.GEO      2234     String Art Options
TILES.GEO         2266     Tiles
TILESPRE.GEO      1306     Tiles Options
WORMS.GEO         2354     Worms
WORMSPRE.GEO      1866     Worms Options

SOCKET        Folder for socket drivers, required
              for internet connection
ETHERODI.GEO      6198     ODI Ethernet Driver
IRLAP.GEO        31966     IRLAP Driver
LOOPBACK.GEO      3400     Loopback driver
PPP.GEO          86874     PPP Driver
SLIP.GEO          4364     SLIP Driver
TCPIP.GEO        41372     TCP/IP Driver

SOUND         Folder for sound drivers, required
              for ear candy
CDADOS.GEO         624     DOS CD Audio Driver
SBLASTER.GEO      5860     Sound Blaster Driver
STANDARD.GEO       958     Standard Sound Driver

SWAP          Folder for swap space drivers, required
DISK.GEO          1352     Disk Swap Driver
EMM.GEO           2466     Expanded Memory EMM Driver
EXTMEM.GEO        1462     Extended-Memory Driver
XMS.GEO           1954     XMS Swap Driver

SYSAPPL       Folder for system applications, required
LAUNCH.GEO        1626     Legos Launcher
LOL.GEO           1078     Lights Out Launcher
LVIEW.GEO         4368     Legos Viewer App
MANAGER.GEO     147460     NewManager
MLURKER.GEO       8056     ModemLurker
NEWDESK.GEO     134828     NewDesk
REGIS.GEO         2848     Regis
RUN.GEO           2522     Launch
SETUP.GEO        78690     Graphical Setup
SLURKER.GEO       2618     Serial Lurker

TASK          Folder for task switcher drivers
NONTS.GEO         3346     Non-Switching Task Driver
TASKMAX.GEO       8586     TaskMax Task Driver

VIDEO         Folder for video drivers, Memory Video
              Driver plus at least one other are required
ATT6300.GEO      21036     ATT6300 Monochrome Driver
CGA.GEO          21236     CGA Driver
EGA.GEO          23692     EGA Driver
HGC.GEO          21228     Hercules Monochrome Driver
MCGA.GEO         20644     MCGA Driver
SVGA.GEO         25980     Super VGA 800x600 16-clr
VGA.GEO          24300     Standard VGA Driver
VGA15.GEO        25948     VESA 32K-color SVGA Driver
VGA16.GEO        25980     VESA 64K-color SVGA Driver
VGA24.GEO        26448     VESA TrueColor SVGA Driver
VGA8.GEO         25920     VESA 256-color SVGA Driver
VIDMEM.GEO       84638     Memory Video Driver
Note: The files named @dirname.000 are used by NewDeal to store long directory names and links. The @dirname.000 files are invisible from within NewDeal, but you can see them from the DOS prompt or from other programs. If you delete one, its directory will then appear with the normal DOS 8.3 name, for example if you have a directory named My Directory and you delete its @dirname.000 file, the directory will then appear as MY_DIREC.000 and any links within it will be lost.
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Last Modified 16 Feb 1999