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Using NewDeal software with OS/2

To run NewDeal software under OS/2

  1. Run your NewDeal software in a regular full-screen DOS box, not a box that boots a specific version of DOS. In other words, the DOS_STARTUP_DRIVE setting on the session page should be clear.
  2. Increase the number of DOS_FILES available to that DOS box to at least 80.
  3. Make sure the HW_TIMER setting is on.
  4. All other values can be left at their defaults.
No special installation of your NewDeal software is necessary. You must use FAT disk access; NewDeal may not function using HPFS.

"SYS Error 0005. Access Denied"

You may get this error while installing under OS/2, because OS/2 thinks there is an extended attribute set for all of the files on the installation disks.

To change this extended attribute:

  1. Use the DISKCOPY command to copy each NewDeal installation disk to a diskette that is not write protected.
  2. Run CHKDSK /F on each diskette. OS/2 will correct what it thinks is an extended attribute error on every file.

Serial (COM) Port Issues


Printing or Parallel Port Issues

Run Preferences in NewManager. Select the Computer module and be sure the LPT port is set to "7" (not BIOS or DOS). You can also edit the OS/2 CONFIG.SYS and add /IRQ to the line BASEDEV=PRINT01.SYS. This increases print time. If you do not have 2 printers you can REM the line BASEDEV=PRINT02.SYS.

If OS/2 does not print until you exit NewDeal,

  1. Right click on the printer object to bring up its menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to the Output page. This has icons for all of the computer's ports. It's not immediately obvious, but each is an object.
  4. Right click the LPT1 object to show its menu.
  5. Select Settings.
  6. Check the box labeled Share Access.

CD Player

To use NewDeal's CD Player when running NewDeal from OS/2, make sure this line exists in your CONFIG.SYS file:

To use OS/2's Fax support with NewDeal

  1. Install Faxworks for OS/2. It comes in the Bonus Pak with Warp.
  2. In NewDeal's Preferences, Printer, install the IBM Proprinter X24E driver on LPT3.
  3. When your NewDeal document is ready to fax, select the Proprinter X24E driver and print.
  4. After the print job has gone to the spooler, back in OS/2 Faxworks will ask for the sending details.
  5. Click on Send and away it goes, or you can look at it first.

Support Limitations

Please note that we cannot provide you with OS/2 support beyond the information contained in this document. However, you should have no problems running your NewDeal software under OS/2 using the settings above. The following suggestions from our customers have not been verified or tested by NewDeal.

User Tips

Differences in hardware and software configurations from one computer to another can require different settings. Because OS/2 offers a wide variety of configurations, we cannot guarantee any of these settings are right for you. However, many of our customers recommend the settings below.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999