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How to configure Launch Pad to connect to your ISP

Launch Pad is the dialer and Internet connection application for the first version of Skipper. This document does not apply to Release 3. In Release 3, you configure your Internet Connection in Preferences, Internet.

Read the help file

If you are having difficulty configuring Launch Pad to connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the first place to look is in the help file. Click the help button (question mark) in Launch Pad for comprehensive descriptions of all of Launch Pad's features and settings.

Specific ISPs and Trouble shooting

If you are using any of the ISPs listed here, the specific notes in this document may be helpful, or see the General Trouble shooting Tips.

AT&T Worldnet

You may have to call ATT Worldnet Service to get your specific account information. Worldnet uses two account names for each account, one encrypted and one not encrypted. You need the alphanumeric name for your account.


IBM Internet Connection Services

Netcom NetComplete

Primenet (Global Center)


Here is a script for a quick Sympatico connection. To use it, add it to the bottom of the WWW.CFG file.

; = Automatic Login with Name and Password
; = Calls the phone number and then sends the login
; = name and password when asked.
; = Then it selects 2 for selection, meaning PPP.
e = Preparing modem ...
m =
s = \r
w = 15 OK
e = Dialing ...
d =
s = \r
w = 60 CONNECT
b =
e = Sending Login name ...
w = 5 Username:
l =
s = \r
e = Sending Password ...
w = 5 Password:
p =
s = \r
e = Selecting PPP ...
w = 5 Selection:
s = 2
s = \r
@ = 2
e = Waiting for confirmation ...
Also under the heading [script] add the following after script_6:
script_7 = Sympatico

General Trouble shooting Tips

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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999