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Tips for using NewComm

Talking with a friend using NewComm

Step one: One of you needs to set your modem to auto-answer. To do this, enter this command in NewComm:


where n is the number of rings before the modem should pick up the line. Note that this is ATS "zero" = n, not ATS "oh" = n. You should get the response OK from the modem.

Step two: Both of you need to make sure your protocol settings match under the Options menu in NewComm. Good standard values are:

Step three: Under Terminal in the Options menu, set Duplex to Half (local echo). Until you and your friend connect, this setting will make text you type into NewComm appear doubled (ddoouubblleedd).

Step four: One of you call up the other. You can use Quick Dial under the Dial menu. The receiving party should have set his or her modem to auto-answer (see Step One).

Quick Pick-Up

When someone calls your modem line, the word RING usually appears on your NewComm screen. If you see this appear, but you did not set your modem to auto-answer, you can have NewComm pick up the line immediately by entering:


Clear Settings

To clear all modem settings, including auto-answer, enter the command:


You should get the response OK from the modem.

Fax Boards or Voice Mail

If your modem also functions as a fax board, it may include software that is designed to receive as well as send faxes, or even to receive voice mail. This software may impede your ability to make the modem answer calls normally, because the fax software may pick up the call before the modem has a chance to answer. If so, you need to disable the fax software before you can use your modem to answer phone calls.

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Last Modified 15 Feb 1999